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The 360° zodiac can be divided in several ways. If we divide it in12 parts, we get the 12 signs, each having important characteristics. The planet that is the lord of the sign is called the sign dispositoror Rasheesh. The sages of yore have compiled phenomenal number of mundane and esoteric qualities of each nakshatra. planetary lord is called the nakshatra dispositor or Nakshatresha. If we calculate 4 padas of all the nakshatra, (27x 4=108), we get the navamshas. The planetary lords of navamshas are called Navamsha dispositorsor Navamshesha.

So, in chart analysis, eventually it all boils down to planets. It is either the natural karakatwas of the planets or those of thethree dispositors mentioned above. These three dispositors formthe subject matter of this book. Shri Kastwar has tried to present various principles and has given many illustrations from the point of view of students.

Shri M G Kastwar is a post-graduate in Structural Engineering. He has held senior positions in a Government of India undertaking. He is now pursuing his passion for astrology through research andwriting. He has to his credit 'Mystery of Retrograde Planets' in English & Hindi. He is a faculty member Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, currently with East-Delhi Chapter-V.

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