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Author has described Facinating Venus not only from astronomical point of view but also from jyotisha point of views. Though a large part of this compact book of 29 chapters is filled with Venus as related to astrology but he has touched upon every aspect of Venus, from Vāstu, Palmistry, Ayurveda, Mundane, to remedial measures and Shukra-Stuti. For a diligent student of astrology there is enough in the book to master the role of Venus in the chart for marriage and matching. He has covered not only the Navamsha but also Trimshamsha which is supposed to have special relevance for female nativities. It is not difficult to find the characteristics of different nakshatras in general in the classics but the description of ‘Venus in different Nakshatras’ is a very illuminating addition.

In the world of Jyotish, Pt. Satish Sharma is a well-known name. He is the grandson of Pt. Babulal Swami (Tijara, Distt. Alwar) and a disciple of Pt. Ramchand Joshi (Lakshmangarh, Sikar, Raj.). He has not only acquired a rich heritage of traditional Jyotish, he is also adept at the modern techniques of Jyotish. His family’s name has been mentioned in Bhaktamal and Bhavishya Purana. He presents even the most serious and complex subjects in a simple and lucid manner. He has written many books out of which ‘Vāstu Vidya’. His name is synonymous with Vāstu in India. With his commitment and for educating the people, he has held hundreds of Vāstu seminars and written innumerable articles.

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